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Turkey Hunting Tips Can Pay Off


It doesn't matter whether it's a flock in Florida or a gobbler in Alabama, turkey hunting is a tough game sport. Many a hunter comes home empty handed when turkey is the target for the day. With this in mind, turkey hunting tips can help give a little bit of an edge for those about to embark on this most challenging of hunts.

Some of the best turkey hunting tips are nothing more than common sense. The fact is turkeys are pretty crafty game. They can see incredibly well and their sense of hearing isn't all that bad either. Every little thing that can give hunters a leg up can really help make or break a day in the woods or at a field's edge.

Some of the best tactical turkey hunting tips include:

• Finding them before they find you. It is incredibly helpful to know where the birds in a particular flock go at different points during the day. A bit of advanced tracking can really pay off. If a feeding ground, watering hole or roosting area is found, a hunter can arrive and set up before the birds do. The wait-and-see approach can be a bit tedious, but it can pay off.
• Dress the part. Of all the turkey hunting tips, this might be the most important. Camouflaging everything from the feet up to the top of the head can really help a hunter avoid detection. Since a gobbler's eyesight is so keen, doing this can really help with the element of surprise, which is absolutely needed in hunting.
• Pick the right weapons. Whether it's a shotgun or a bow, make sure they've been worked properly for hunting turkey. No other turkey hunting tips will pay off if the weapon isn't calibrated to handle the job. For a bow, this might mean adjusting the pull so it can be held for a duration. For a shotgun, this requires selecting the right shot.
• Consider calls. This is another very important consideration as far as turkey hunting tips go. Often, it is better to get the birds to come into the hunter rather than vice versa. Calls take a little time to master, but they can pay off extremely well.
• Safety first. While this isn't among the tactical turkey hunting tips, it can play a pivotal role in ensuring a good day's hunt. Keep safety as the number one concern and no day out in the woods will be a bad one.

Turkey hunting tips cannot guarantee a catch, but they can really help. The key here is outsmarting the birds. This, however, isn't as easy as it sounds. Be prepared for a challenge.

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