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A Closer Look At The No. 1 Turkey Hunting Tip


With the elusiveness of this particular quarry, turkey hunting can be a challenging and frustrating sport. Since adrenaline runs high, very high, when a gobbler is actually spotted by a hunter in the field, understanding the number one turkey hunting tip can actually save lives.

What is this turkey hunting tip? Put safety first!

Following this turkey hunting tip to the letter requires more than just a little common sense. It also involves knowing how to handle oneself on a turkey hunt, what to do and what not to do. Let's look at some of the advice that falls under this most important turkey hunting tip:

• Dress correctly. Camouflage that's right for the area should be worn from head to toe. Many hunters choose to use camo on their faces, as well. This protects a hunter from being seen by the bird. It also helps prevent mistaken gobbler identity.
• Don't wear or used anything red, white or blue. This can be very hard to pull off, but it is vital to not have anything on or used that could be mistaken for a gobbler. Stories abound of hunters who were itching to take aim who actually aimed at and hit other hunters. To avoid this problem, make sure clothes – including socks and underwear, don't have these colors. Also take care to ensure arrows don't have red, white or blue on them. Even consider such things as cigarette packs that might attract unwanted attention.
• Choose a spot wisely. To follow the number one turkey hunting tip to the letter, a hunting spot should offer full coverage from behind. A large tree, for example, that fully covers the back of a hunter can be ideal. Make sure there is very good visibility in front and on the sides, however.
• Never shoot blindly. Even if a hunter is positive the call they heard came from a gobbler, shooting blind can be tragic. Some hunters happen to be very, very convincing with their turkey calls. Be 100 percent certain before firing that what is heard is also seen and identified.
• Make one's presence known to other hunters. It can be very tempting to avoid this one if a good spot has been found, but if another hunter is seen, it's wise to give up the location. Don't flail or flap to signal a hunter either. Call out in a very clear voice.
• Take care with decoys. Make sure these are position where a misfired shot won't hit the hunter who placed the decoy. Also, cover these when walking through a hunting area.

Having a great time on a hunting trip requires an eye for safety. This is without a doubt the best turkey hunting tip of them all to follow.

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