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Fall Turkey Hunting Safety Tips


Fall turkey hunting can be one of the best experiences in the world. With weather that's absolutely ideal for a stroll in the woods and fields and leaves of all colors painting a picture that is unbelievable, many hunters prefer this time of year above spring for hunting turkey. There are some special fall turkey hunting safety and tactical tips that should be kept in mind this time of year, however.

Fall turkey hunting might be a little easier in some areas where hens are also fair game, but this fact can make it even more important that hunters keep their eyes open and be 100 percent certain of their targets before taking aim and firing. The temptation, too, might be high to bring home a fresh gobbler for the holiday season. Don't let this desire get in the way of good judgment and safety.

When it comes to fall turkey hunting tactics and safety tips, some of the best advice includes:

• Dress the part. Fall turkey hunting requires a slightly different camouflage scheme than spring in most cases. Since the woods and fields are loaded with browns, gold and yellows, keep these colors in mind when choosing camouflage. Do take care to avoid the use of red, blue or white. The colors of a gobbler's head are not the ones to be seen wearing during fall turkey hunting season!
• Camouflage everything. Just because the temperatures are dipping doesn't mean a turkey's eyesight is any less keen. Be sure to properly camouflage weapons, including arrow shafts, and do use caution in selecting colors.
• Take care in scattering birds. If you're lucky enough to get close to a flock of birds, take great care when scattering them. Do not run with a loaded gun.
• Make sure other hunters know you're there. While it's never fun to give away position, if another hunter approaches, make sure to call out. Do not wave to alert a hunter to the position. Also, make sure to have good cover from behind.
• Take care in using decoys and calls. While these are great for luring in the flock, they can also attract other hunters. Be certain this doesn't happen during fall turkey hunting season by watching for other hunters' approach and calling out when necessary. Also, don't position the decoy where your location would be a direct shot for a miss from another hunter's rifle or bow.

Fall turkey hunting can be one of the best times in the woods. Playing it safe and using smart tactics can make it even more enjoyable.

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