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The Real Draws Of Wild Turkey Hunting


Many hunters skilled at tracking and tagging deer, elk, bear and other big game often find themselves in a bind when it comes to handling wild turkey hunting with such ease. A game sport that's unlike any other, this particular brand of hunting isn't necessarily for everyone.

Despite this, those who love wild turkey hunting will trudge out in the field season in and season out whether they land a bird or not. Why is it so many find the allure of wild turkey hunting so strong, even with the disappointments?

Perhaps it is because of those disappointments. The reality is wild turkey hunting can offer a level of challenge few other game sports provide. Hunting a wild turkey requires:

• Patience. When it comes to wild turkey hunting, this is very much a wait-and-see kind of sport. Movement is the bane of any hunter that wants to actually bag a bird. The waiting often makes this sport even more challenging.
• Cunning. Those who succeed in wild turkey hunting often do so by learning to think like a turkey does. This means hunters seek out the areas where the birds will be during the day and they learn to arrive before they do. Whether it's a favored feeding, watering or roosting ground, the key often lies in setting up before the flock makes it way in.
• Stealth. This sport absolutely demands stealth. A good hunter learns to draw a bow or line up a rifle and wait for a gobbler to wander into the light of sight. This often has to be accomplished when the birds are looking elsewhere. Their eyesight makes it incredibly difficult to move much without detection.
• Skill. Since much of wild turkey hunting actually involves getting the birds to come to the hunter rather than vice versa, skill is also a must. Skill here is either in waiting out the birds or learning how to call them in. This sport uses a variety of different calls all designed to bring birds closer to a hunter's position.
• Speed and accuracy. Once a bow has been raised or a gun lifted, the need for speed and accuracy is absolutely a must. Wild turkey hunting often involves a single chance at a clean shot. If it's missed, the entire day can be over.

Even the most successful of hunters in other arenas find themselves in a pickle when wild turkey hunting is on tap. This sport requires stealth, skill, patience and speed. If the birds discover a hunter, the game is over.

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