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Helpful Hunting Dog Supplies


All hunters have supplies. They have guns, jackets, and waders that they use while they hunt. An often overlooked member of your hunting party needs supplies as well. The hunting dog, a great help to any hunt, will always benefit from certain helpful supplies. Whether they help you see or locate your dog, or whether it adds comfort to the experience for the dog, hunting dog supplies are very important. The next time you go to the outdoor recreation store, be sure to pick these items up.

When you are out in the woods, it can be fairly hard to see things that are brown or green. Because of this, you may have a hard time seeing your dog. Even more trouble, you could mistake your dog for the animal you're hunting. To help you look for and identify your hunting pup, there are little jackets that they can wear to help them stand out. They are often bright orange, much like the jackets that human hunters wear. As far as hunting dog supplies go, this is one of the most important. Another important item in the realm of hunting dog supplies is the bell or beeper. If your dog runs off, you can use the beeper to locate him. Although bells are cheaper, they will always ring when your dog moves. This can scare prey. The beeper is more expensive but it beeps only when you want it to, making it much more useful. Although hunting dogs are trained to be helpful and obedient, they can still run off. You should use these two hunting dog supplies so that you can see and locate your dog.

Other hunting dog supplies are a little less obvious. When you as the hunter want something to drink, you can just swig out of a bottle or can. It's not that easy for a dog. They need to drink water out of something shallow. At stores that sell hunting dog supplies, there is a collapsible bowl that is perfect for this kind of situation. Simply open up the bowl, place it on the ground, and pour water in it. This will let your dog drink during a hectic day of hunting. When he's done, drain out the rest of the water and tuck it back away. When it's folded, it takes up very little space.

With the help of these hunting dog supplies, you will be able to provide your dog with some great ways to be helpful to you. They'll be able to be seen with their orange jacket and be heard with a bell or beeper. They also be kept hydrated with a collapsible bowl.

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