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In the Game with Your Best Friend: Dog Hunting Supplies


Hunting with a hunting dog can be an exciting experience. Dogs are not called Man’s Best Friend without a reason. Since the dawn of men, dogs have been hunting along side men for food and thus domesticated. Hunting with a dog requires a little preparation work to make the experience a good one. Basically any dog can be trained to hunt although there are specific breeds that are used only for hunting. Good dog hunting supplies are important, especially if the dog is just starting out.

There are awesome dog hunting supplies that you can find to fit any hunting dog’s needs. While some breeds are made for hunting, all dogs who are going hunting require some basic materials. Some dogs are trained to hunt for fowls, while others are trained to hunt for small animals. Depending on what the dog is trained for, dog hunting supplies will vary. First off, if the dog is just starting out, the first item on the dog hunting supplies’ list should be a video/DVD on how train that particular breed of dog. After gaining that knowledge, equipments for the hunting dog is next on the list.

To start off dog hunting supplies are these items:
1. Training collar and dog collar
2. Electronic beeper to track the whereabouts of your hunting dog
3. Fowl trainer kit to familiarize the canine with retrieval of your game
4. Protective gears
5. Dog first aid kits
6. Dog kennels
7. Cords and leads

Each item on the list is essential for a hunter’s dog hunting supplies because you also need to protect your hunting companion to make sure that they are well taken care off in case they are in need. All hunting dog owners should invest in protective gears for their canines, especially a body vest that protects their dog’s chest. All dog hunt with their sense of smell, which is really an important tool for all hunters if they use a hunting dog. This is why, a happy canine with proper protection and tools will always keep their scent and that is why having a proper supply of dog hunting supplies is really an investment in the long run.

With technology advancing these days, training your hunting dog is becoming more of a breeze. Hunting enthusiasts might want to invest in electronic training collars for their four legged friends because it really helps in effectively training hunting dogs to hunt for anything and everything in specifics. This is another item to consider adding into the list of dog hunting supplies.

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