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´╗┐Useful Coon Hunting Supplies


One of the most overlooked hunting game is the raccoon. Most people who hunt mammals focus their efforts on deer and bears while completely ignoring the fun that can come from raccoon hunting. If you like the thrill of the hunt, but want a change of pace, then consider hunting raccoons. If you'd like to do this, you'll need coon hunting supplies in order to have an easier time of it. Luckily, coon hunting supplies are pretty straight forward and are easily found at most outdoor recreation and hunting stores.

The first thing you should know about raccoons is that they are nocturnal. That means that they sleep during the day and are awake at night. All of their activity is done at night, so they are best hunted at night as well. This means that most of your own hunting activity will be nocturnal as well. Since that is the case, you'll need coon hunting supplies that do well at night. For starters, much of your regular hunting gear should either be glow in the dark or light up some how. This is important for things like your compass. Unfortunately, humans can't see nearly as well in the dark as raccoons can. Because of this, you'll need coon hunting supplies that provide you with area light as well.

There are two benefits to having area lights when hunting raccoons. First of all, it will provide with the light necessary to help you see. This way you know what you're shooting at, as well as where you're walking. Coon hunting supplies that provide light also help reveal where a raccoon may be. When light hits a raccoon's eyes, it reflects the light back. You can often see a raccoon in the dark from very far away just by their flashing eyes. Use your light to find where any raccoons may be, as well as where you are.

There are several different ways you can use a light; primarily with a flashlight or a hat mounted light. Although flashlights are easier to maneuver, they can be annoying to carry. You won't have this problem with hat mounted lights. These keep your hands free so you can concentrate on finding and hunting any nearby raccoon. Hat mounted lights can be a bit more expensive than a regular flashlight, but they are well worth the trouble.

If this all sounds fun to you, then don't be afraid to go raccoon hunting yourself. It's always fun to take the road less traveled, and you can do that by hunting this game.

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