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Helpful Coon Hunting Dog Supplies


Human hunters aren’t the only ones that benefit from using hunting supplies. We often forget about our little furry companion that helps us bag our wild game. Hunting dogs need supplies too! If you like coon hunting and have your very own hunting dog that helps you on your hunting trips, then you should invest in some coon hunting dog supplies. These supplies will help you see and locate your dog so you know where it is at all times. You can get these coon hunting dog supplies at most pet and outdoor recreation stores.

Most people don't know that raccoons are actually a nocturnal animal. They spend their days asleep and their nights awake, much like young actors in Hollywood. If you want to catch raccoons, then you will have to get them at night. This can cause problems when you use a coon hunting dog. Although dogs can see very well in the dark, their owners can't. If a dog runs off by itself, it may be very hard to find it with just a flashlight. Luckily, there are coon hunting dog supplies for just this type of situation. The first item you should get is a light up collar. This color runs on just a few little batteries and will stay lit up all night. If you lose sight of your dog, you'll be able to spot it because of this light.

Another of the coon hunting dog supplies that is helpful for spotting your dog is a light reflecting jacket. These jackets are very similar to the ones that crossing guards use, except that they are made to fit a dog. If you shine your light toward where you're dog went, their little reflective jacket will glow. This can help you spot the dog if you can't see the lit up collar. Every little bit helps. Used in conjunction, these two items can help greatly while hunting raccoons. Pick up both of these coon hunting dog supplies in order to see your dog in the night.

If all else fails, you can pick up a dog beeper. This is a tiny box that you hook up to your dog's collar. If you lose track of him, simply press the button on the remote unit you have and you'll hear his beeper beeping. This can help you locate the dog in situations where you can't see what he's wearing. With all of these coon hunting dog supplies, you will be able to keep your dog safe at night while you hunt for raccoons.

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