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´╗┐What are Potlatch hunting leases?


Potlatch hunting leases are managed and controlled by the Potlatch Corporation. This is a real estate investment trust that has control of over a million acres of land in Arkansas, Idaho, Minnesota and Oregon.

The good news for hunters is that much of this land is available for use through Potlatch hunting leases. Each of the above states has its own special requirements and terms of use so it is best to research for the particular state that you want to hunt rather than to rely on a broader overview.

You can find information on the various Potlatch hunting leases
for each state by visiting the corporate website and following the links that are associated with each location.

Considering the huge amount of land that the company allows for use through the Potlatch hunting leases, the agreements are very fair and very affordable. For the most part, the company asks that you preserve the land and that you not cause safety hazards, which, frankly, all landowners insist on.

As mentioned above, each location will have its own set of rules and conditions, but none of the locations are unreasonable in their requests.

Because of their popularity, you may want to get started on your filing for Potlatch hunting leases as soon as possible. You may even want to form a hunting club for this purpose. Hunting clubs are allowed and are even encouraged.

You will notice when you research this program that the fees are incredibly reasonable for these Potlatch hunting leases. The corporation considers itself a good steward of the land and this is evident through its concern for the areas that are offered.

The types of game that are available vary from location to location so it is wise to research that as well. Most locations allow for deer harvesting as well as for other types of smaller game. As you might imagine, feral hogs are on the list as well.

The locations for Potlatch hunting leases are currently restricted to the four states that were mentioned above. This may change in the future, but as of 2007, only the four are available.

There are individual contacts for each location so make sure you get the correct contact data when you do your research.

Perhaps the best way to learn more about the Potlatch hunting leases is to spend some time on the website where you can explore everything from fees to season dates. This is a wonderful opportunity for those who are lucky enough to live close to the areas that are available. The time and energy you invest in learning about this program can pay off big for you later on. Why not visit their site today?

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