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Choosing the Hunting Land That’s Right For Your Trip

When you’re ready to plan that special hunting trip for the year, it’s important that you find the right hunting land. Where you do your hunting is probably the most important aspect of the trip, particularly if your goal is a good catch. There are many different types of hunting land to choose from; each with advantages and disadvantages.

The most commonly used hunting land is public hunting land. It’s used most commonly because there’s usually no fee for hunting there and because, in many states, it’s plentiful. Hunting on public hunting lands is fairly simple, as well. When you obtain your hunting license for the season, you can usually pick up a map of the lands and a list of any restrictions at the same time. Public hunting lands may be maintained by the state, county or federal government. Some lands will have restrictions on catch; others will not. The main two disadvantages of using public hunting land are that they are often very crowded during hunting season and that stock is often low because so much hunting has taken place on these lands.

Private hunting lands come in several forms. First are land owned by individuals. These lands are often not designed specifically for hunting, but the landowner may allow hunting on his land with permission. Often the best way to learn about such lands is through word of mouth. You may find that your hunting friends know several people who allow hunting on their property. Some land owners will charge a fee, but most will allow you to hunt for free so long as populations are good. Be certain to respect any restrictions they put on you, in order to keep your hunting privilege. In many cases, if you can find a private land owner who will allow you to hunt on his land, but who does not allow an abundance of hunters, you’ll have the best chances at a good catch.

Some private hunting lands are owned by businesses such as hunting lodges or guide companies. These lands are managed solely as hunting sites, and will charge a fee for you to hunt. Depending upon the services offered, the fee may be larger or smaller. For example, some private hunting land businesses simply charge a small fee for you to have access to their land for camping and hunting. They may supply you a map of the land, but typically offer little else in the way of services. Other companies, however, may offer full serving hunting facilities, including lodging, guides and food. Their fees, of course, will be much larger. Most businesses of this nature limit the number of hunters or the total amount of catch on their lands in a season. This helps to ensure that the stock is plentiful. If you’re considering a trip on this type of private land, be certain to ensure that they do impose yearly limits of some sort.

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