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Finding Hunting Land For Sale

If you’re in the market to purchase some hunting land, you may be uncertain as to where to begin. It may seem difficult at first to find hunting land for sale, but if you spend some time researching the market, you’re certain to be able to find some hunting land for sale that meets your requirements and your budget.

To begin your search, consider hunting clubs who are ready to sell the land they’ve been using. By purchasing land that has been used by a hunting club, you can take a look at harvests from the previous years to give yourself a good idea if the land is truly viable as hunting land. Watch, however, for particularly large harvests from previously owned hunting land for sale. The land owners could be selling because they have over hunted it, depleting the stock. If this is the case, you’ll need to wait a few seasons after purchasing before you can begin to hunt on the land. However, recognizing this and calling it to the attention of the land owners may help you secure a better deal on the land’s price.

Secondly, consider acreage for sale that isn’t currently designated as hunting land. Private land owners looking to sell off wooded acreage may have the perfect location for your hunting land. Find out if the land owner has allowed any hunting on his land previously, and if so, what the harvest was like. If the land has never been hunted, you can get a good idea of the harvest potential by looking at harvest rates of wooded areas nearby.

If you live in a large metropolitan area, you may have to look for hunting land for sale well outside of the city. Often, wooded acreage that is located within a commutable distance of a large city is highly priced, as the sellers are aiming to sell to developers. Driving just a few miles further out –just beyond a reasonable commute for working – can give you far lower prices per acre. While this land may not be as close to your home as you had hoped, it will make it affordable and still close enough for weekend hunting trips.

Consider purchasing your hunting land with a friend to maximize your purchasing potential. If two of you are splitting the price, you have a much wider price range of affordable hunting land for sale. Choose someone with whom you like to hunt anyway, and you’ll have the perfect partner for both buying the land and hunting it.

Owning your own hunting land is a big dream for many hunters. By choosing your site wisely, you can find hunting land that’s big on catch yet still within your budget.

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