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Texas Hunting Land for Exotic Hunting

Texas offers a fair amount of exotic hunting. In fact, if you look around, you can probably find more opportunities to hunt for exotic animals on Texas hunting land than in most other states. Now, it’s important to clarify the meaning of exotic animals, in terms of what’s available on Texas hunting land. When many of us think of exotic hunts, we envision lions, tigers and bear. And, while these animals are not available for hunting on Texas hunting land, you will find hunting adventures featuring the following animals:

• Axis Deer
• Fallow
• Sikas
• Aoudad
• Blackbuck
• Dama Gazelle
• Yak
• Pere David's Deer
• Sambar Deer
• Eld's Deer
• Barashinga
• Buffalo
• Asiatic Tahr
• Elk
• Zebra
• Wildbeest
• Eland
• Oryx

Hunting for exotics is open year round, so you can visit these Texas hunting lands any time of year. Many offer guided trips and full accommodations for the hunting experience of a lifetime.

During an exotic hunting trip on Texas hunting land specifically designed for this purpose, there’s a very good chance that you’ll bag an animal of trophy size; perhaps even a record breaker! The exotic animals available for hunting on these Texas hunting lands are especially bred to be of record size. Because they’re especially bred for hunting, the populations are carefully controlled, ensuring that there are few enough to provide a challenge, yet plentiful enough to give the hunter a fair chance.

Exotic hunting lodges are not for the hunter on the cheap. Depending upon the species you’re hunting, you can expect to pay between $2000 and $5000 per person for your hunting expedition. The rarer the animal you’re hunting, the more expensive the hunt will be.

Because these hunting adventures are more expensive than the average hunting trip, it pays to do your homework before you book. Thoroughly research the lodges you’re considering and compare their amenities and prices. Take a look at their breeding practices and their wildlife handling practices. And, be certain to look at their records from the previous years. You want to ensure that you’re hunting at a ranch whose customers have consistently been able to bag extraordinary catches each year.

Your Texas exotic hunting trip promises to be the adventure of a lifetime. You’ll find no finer place than Texas for its commitment to one of a kind exotic hunting adventure, where the breeding and handling is done with care and where the hunter is provided every opportunity to get the catch of a lifetime.

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