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Preparing for Your Georgia Hunting Land Lease

If you’ve located a Georgia hunting land lease for your hunt club, congratulations! You’re on your way to many great hunting seasons with your buddies, so long as you prepare well. Here are some things to keep in mind when setting up your Georgia hunting land lease.

Get it in writing – Be certain that you have a written lease from the land owner. Their word is not enough to ensure that the terms you’ve agreed upon will be honored. Take the time to put together a detailed lease for both of you to sign. It’s worth paying an attorney to help you ensure that all the details are spelled out and that your document is legal.

Make the lease for several years – It’s likely that you’ll be doing some work on your lease property to make it best for hunting. You may clear some small areas to attract deer or to provide for hunting. It’s a shame to go to such work only to have your lease run out after one year and your landowner be unwilling to renew. You should make your Georgia hunting land lease for a minimum of three years; five is better.

Spell out your hunting club requirements – It’s imperative that you know that your hunting club members are serious. You need their fees in order to pay for the lease. Have written agreements with each member specifying the amount they will pay per year and when the money is due. Have remedies in place in the event of default. Many hunting clubs lock each member into a contract for the duration of the hunting land lease with the landowner. If a member wishes to leave the club before the lease period is up, he must find a member to replace him.

Investigate previous hunting on your Georgia hunting land lease- Be certain you’re not leasing land that has already been over hunted. If a hunting club has previously used the land you’re leasing, find out the catch rates for the last several years.

Spell out your privileges and responsibilities – As mentioned earlier, you may want to make some improvements on the property. You may want to store supplies there and you may want to use the land for activities other than hunting – like camping or four wheeling. Make sure these privileges are spelled out in your Georgia hunting land lease agreement with the land owner. In addition, make sure that any expectations that your land owner has of your club, such as that tree stands are removed at the end of hunting season, be spelled out, too.

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