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Ensuring that Your Alabama Hunting Land Lease is Sufficient

Hunting clubs often lease land from private landowners for hunting. This arrangement is advantageous to both the land owner and the hunting club. The land owner is able to collect revenue on land that has previously gone unused and has produced no income. The hunting club is able to ensure that they have land for regular hunting that is reserved just for them, and thus not subject to the crowding and wildlife depletion that often happens in public hunting lands. In addition, by hunting on private lands, hunters can often avoid some of the hunting regulations imposed when hunting on public lands.

But, in order for your Alabama hunting land lease to be beneficial for both your hunting club and the land owner, its terms need to be spelled out appropriately. When setting up your Alabama hunting land lease, keep the following things in mind:

• Have a written lease – In the past, many hunting clubs have relied on verbal agreements. This is not a good idea, because the landowner could change their mind and leave you with no hunting land at all. Or the landowner could inadvertently change the lease price, leaving your hunting club with not enough funds to pay the lease. A written agreement for your Alabama hunting land lease ensures that both parties are protected.

• Spell out the expectations in the lease – In addition to listing the term of the lease and the yearly or monthly lease fee, you should also list any other agreements in force in the Alabama hunting land lease. For example, will your club have access to the land during other times of the year, or just during hunting season? Can you use the land for other activities, like camping or four wheeling? Can you make improvements to the land? Will the land owner impose bag restrictions?

• Know the fair price – Before you sign your Alabama hunting land lease, be certain you’re getting a fair price. Investigating other hunting clubs in the area and determining what they’re paying per acre is a good way to feel secure that you’re paying neither too little nor too much. Remember, if you get a really good deal, paying far less per acre than the going rate, your land owner may be unwilling to renew when the lease runs out, if he feels he can get more money from another party. Ensuring that the price is fair to both sides will make your lease a long lasting partnership.

Securing an Alabama hunting land lease is a great way to ensure that your hunting club will have a place to hunt for the next several years. And, by making sure that the details of your lease agreement are appropriately agreed upon will ensure a happy partnership for many years to come.

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