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How to Find Alabama Hunting Land for Lease

Leasing land from a private or corporate land owner is the best way for hunting clubs to find places to hunt. Hunting is very popular in Alabama, and finding Alabama hunting land for lease is fairly simple. Leasing land to hunting clubs has become a fairly common practice; so many land owners are familiar with it. There are several resources you can use to find Alabama hunting land for lease to your club.

There are several online and local resources dedicated to pairing landowners with clubs or individuals who are looking for Alabama hunting land for lease. Simply choose the area of the state where you’d like to find hunting land, and begin looking for resources to assist you in that area. Often, local hunting magazines and publications have listings. In addition, there are companies that advertise their services on the Internet. You can also often find Alabama hunting land for lease simply by asking around of your fellow hunters. They may know of a hunting club who is giving up their lease or of a land owner looking for a hunting club to lease to.

It’s important to have a good understanding of the price your hunting club can afford to pay before you work out the details on your Alabama hunting land for lease. Determine what other hunting clubs in the area are paying the landowners they’re leasing from on a per acre basis to help you determine a fair price. If you find that the going rate for a one year lease of hunting land is more than your club can afford, you may need to recruit new members to gain additional funds.

It’s also important to have all the details of your lease spelled out in writing. For example, in addition to the term of the lease and the amount you’ll pay the land owner, it’s important to list any restrictions the land owner has on your use of the land. For example, determine if your club has permission to use the land for camping outside hunting season, or if your access to the land is only for hunting and only during hunting season. In addition, you should determine if your club is allowed to make changes to the land, such as clearing small areas to attract deer. You should also determine if the land owner has any specific expectations of your club during the lease period.

Leasing hunting land is a great way to ensure that your club has a good place to hunt each hunting season for the next several years. Take the time to find just the right Alabama hunting land for lease and to ensure that the terms of your lease are spelled out sufficiently.

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