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Special Adventures on Alabama Hunting Land

If you’re ready for a break from the ordinary hunting trip, take a look at the some of the special hunting adventures you can find on Alabama hunting lands. Alabama offers a great many hunting opportunities, and many of them are quite extraordinary.

Consider, for example the wild boar hunting that can be done on Alabama hunting lands. Hunting wild boar is one of the most exciting hunting adventures you can imagine. It’s dangerous and intense to chase a wild boar through the dense scrub of Alabama hunting land. Landing a wild boar will mean you’ll have a set of tusks for your wall and a freezer full of meat, but it also means that you’re doing a service to the environment and the farmers of the area.

Wild boar, in addition to being dangerous to humans and other animals, are a serious nuisance to the farmer and the environment. They kill many animals each year; both native and domestic. They wallow in watering holes, eroding the soil. They also carry diseases that can be passed along to the farmer’s livestock. In fact, when hunting wild boar it’s important to inspect the animal thoroughly before preparing any of the meat for human consumption, as it may not be safe.

Another great adventure on Alabama’s hunting land is alligator hunting. For years, alligator hunting was completely unregulated, and by the late 1930’s, the animal was threatened with extinction. In 1938, Alabama became the first state to protect them, and by 1967, they had officially been placed on the national endangered species list. By 1987, the species had rebounded and was removed from the endangered species, though they remain federally protected. Today, the alligator population in Alabama has rebounded to the point that the alligators pose a nuisance. For this reason, there are controlled alligator hunts each year. Many hunting guides can offer you the unique experience of hunting these creatures for sport, while helping to control the population at the same time.

Because alligator hunting in Alabama is tightly controlled, using a guide company is likely the best way for an out of state hunter to get in on the hunt, which is run by lottery. The best guide companies often get several lottery spots to use for their customers. However, it’s best to book as early in advance as possible to ensure that you reserve one of the few spots each year.

No matter which adventure you choose, you can rest assured that Alabama’s hunting lands offer a wide variety of opportunity for the sport hunter. And, with these two exotic hunts, you’re helping control important animal populations at the same time!

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