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The Pursuit of Reliable Hunting Gear


Whether the quarry is deer, turkey, pheasant or ducks, the subject of hunting gear is the center of much debate between hunters. While some feel the bare basics are all that is necessary for a successful hunt, others insist the benefit of high tech gadgets and kits can make all the difference. Without the right hunting gear, a trip can go from delightful to disaster in the blink of an eye. Having too little gear can make for dangerous outcomes. However, relying solely on high tech gadgets can give a false sense of security. Whatever side of the debate on rests on, everyone can agree that waiting to get out in the field to find out for sure is something no hunter wants.

Hunting gear can consist of a number of different items. Firearms and ammunitions, camouflaged clothing, calls, scent blockers, ground navigation equipment and first aid items all fall into the category of hunting gear. This gear can vary depending not only on the type of hunt but the time of year and geographic location. Hunting in the chill of fall requires clothing and gear that can withstand cooler temperatures, especially at higher altitudes where it is imperative that a hunter keep a consistent body temperature. In warm or humid climates and temperatures, clothing and gear must be able to breathe and effectively withstand moisture.

The main focus of hunting gear is to complement and assist in the hunt. In some cases, it may make it even easier. Calls of all kinds help to mimic the sound of various animals, coaxing them into a hunter's line of sight. GPS locators help define a hunter's location right down to a six to twenty foot circumference. Binoculars often make the list as a necessary piece of gear. There are even items that one would not normally consider to be hunting gear, such as trash bags. However, when hunting game the bags can be used as a handy protective lining in a hunter's pack.

It is often recommended that hunters carry as little as possible in the name of efficiency. A pack that feels light at the beginning of a hunt can feel fifty pounds heavier by mid-afternoon. This means a hunter must learn what will be necessary and what will not in the course of a hunt. For the most part, many learn what they basically need with experience while also personalizing their own hunting gear list over time. While the debate rages on between the use of basic versus technologically advanced gear, it is likely that using a combination of the two makes for a sound answer to the argument.

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