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´╗┐Shopping For Duck Hunting Jon Boats Does Not Have To Be a Difficult Job


Over the last couple of years, duck hunting boats have varied and changed quickly but for duck hunters, choosing the right boat for their particular hunting situation is still the same. The most important step in buying any type of duck hunting boat, including duck hunting Jon boats is deciding what boat type will meet your specific needs for the area you hunt. For people who normally hunt on small potholes or sloughs and often have to use a push pole, a double pointed, light weight, small duck boat is idea and easy to drag if necessary. However, this type of duck boat is neither safe nor practical for hunting on open, large lakes or big bodies of water.

For hunters who hunt ducks in flooded timber, such as areas in Arkansas, duck hunting Jon boats with a mud motor or short shaft motor are ideal. Duck hunting Jon boats are wood or aluminum flat-bottomed boats, which they designed specifically for hunting and fishing. Duck hunting Jon boats normally have one to three seats, an outboard motor mount and are inexpensive, easy to maintain, have maximum usable space, and a simple design. There are several upgrade options available when shopping for duck hunting Jon boats. Many hunters find duck hunting Jon boats idea for lakes and rivers with weed patches and shallow backwaters.

When choosing a duck hunting Jon boat or any type of duck hunting boat, take into consideration the number of people you will normally have in your boat. If you hunt alone or with one other duck hunter, you only need a boat large enough to be safe. For someone who hunts in flooded timber with a couple of friends and a dog, you require a much bigger boat. Two hunters plus their gear fit into twelve-foot duck hunting Jon boats but duck hunting Jon boats sixteen feet or longer are necessary for more than two guys and their duck hunting gear. Selecting duck hunting boats or duck hunting Jon boats that meet your needs is not difficult, if you take into consideration the area where you hunt and how many hunters, how much gear, or even hunting dogs, will normally be in your boat.

For duck hunting Jon boats used in very shallow water, a mud motor is a great choice and maximizes the Jon boats design. Using mud motors on duck hunting Jon boats where there is an excessive growth of weeds is a far better choice than using an outboard style motor.

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