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North Carolina Duck Hunting Information and Hunting Tips


Beaver ponds in North Caroline supply a diverse and unique habitat for an assortment of wildlife species including ducks and other waterfowl. Beaver ponds, if managed properly, provide years of the most exciting North Carolina duck hunting possible. With very little expense, managing beaver ponds result in excellent waterfowl seasons. In North Carolina duck hunting areas, beaver ponds provide many habitat types, which are crucial for duck and waterfowl numbers. These habitats in the North Carolina duck hunting region vary depending upon the age, size, and areas hydrology. Organic materials and amount of sediment affect the wetland quality, which are filtered, unlike waterways that are free flowing. Beaver structures trap these sediments in the North Carolina duck hunting area ponds, which then provide an excellent nutrient base for invertebrates and aquatic plants. These aquatic invertebrates provide the protein base for breeding ducks, other waterfowl and their broods. Landowners that have many ponds benefit by lowering or flooding their North Carolina duck hunting ponds at the optimum times. Pond and pond soil management can maximize native plant germination and acorn production, which is a natural waterfowl, and duck attraction and is great for North Carolina duck hunting.

North Carolina duck hunting tips are no different from water fowling tips for many other locations. There are basic and advanced North Carolina duck hunting tips to help you become a better hunter. There are several different factors for successful duck hunting including location, positioning, and different techniques to keep ducks and other waterfowl from detecting you. Scout around and locate the ducks resting and feeding areas by following the ducks out in the evening or morning if you are land hunting.

Position your decoy spread so you leave a landing zone as geese and ducks do not want other birds harassing them as they land. This also provides you with better shooting opportunities. Randomly place your duck decoys in groups of two to four. For geese hunting, place your goose decoys randomly in family groups of up to twelve decoys. Separate each goose decoy by approximately three feet and each family group by approximately three yards. When North Carolina duck hunting, place a few duck or goose decoys about thirty-five or forty yards from the landing zone or hole as range markers. The larger the duck flock you hunt, the more duck decoys you should have.

Ducks and geese have excellent vision and hard hunted, older waterfowl are not easily fooled by decoys unless they are very realistic looking. Use the most realistic, full-bodied, floaters, and shell decoys near the landing zone on the downwind side of the duck decoy spread and the least realistic farthest from view of the approaching ducks and geese.

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