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´╗┐There is a Lot of Wonderful Duck Hunting Land in Texas


One of the main reasons that there is so much duck hunting land in Texas is that every year, millions of birds from many parts of North American fly south for the winter. Air migratory species such as swans, geese, ducks, and even hummingbirds undertake a very difficult and long journey south to their wintering grounds, such as South America. With ducks and geese, their long, hard trips are even more difficult and dangerous because they are major game birds that hunters love to shoot. Many of the main waterfowl flyways pass over plentiful swamps, lakes, rivers and other duck hunting land in Texas, where ducks find food and rest.

Unlike many other birds and game animals, ducks and geese have excellent vision and color vision, so they are able to pick out movement over duck hunting land in Texas from hundreds of yards in the air. Walking around to duck or goose hunt is not really an option, as they are usually flying high in the sky and often see you before you see them or are a long way off-shore, floating in the water. Although there is plenty of duck hunting land in Texas, ducks are not very curious, so if you are walking around the lake margin hunting ducks, there is very little chance they will come closer to have a look. Most ducks cruising altitude is several hundred yards or more and with geese, it is even higher over duck hunting land in Texas or other places, so you need to find an effective way to get the ducks within gun range to shoot.

Duck hunters really need decent duck hunting blinds. There are many types of structures used as duck blinds. On duck hunting land in Texas and for hunting over water, these duck blinds can be permanent or temporary. They are a very effective way to conceal duck hunters so their movements go unnoticed by the waterfowl. Some hunters make their permanent blinds out of plywood, with a small opening facing the sky and water. Temporary natural blinds made of natural materials and native grasses, lashed together, make an excellent place for hunters to hide. They normally have three sides so circling flocks cannot see the hunters. Temporary blinds are idea for duck hunting land in Texas such as public and private areas, where they often forbid permanent blinds.

Whether you hunt on duck hunting land in Texas or any other part of the country, make sure your duck-hunting license is up to date. Also, know the hunting laws for the area you plan to hunt in.

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