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´╗┐Become the Worlds Greatest Hunter by Playing Duck Hunting Games


Duck hunting games are interactive, realistic games played online, available to download, or games you purchase. There is a huge variety of hunting games available, such as goose hunting, big game hunting, foxhunting, bear hunting, and deer hunting. People playing duck hunting games feel as though they are really out hunting because of the realist settings. For people who duck hunt and those that wished they could, duck hunting games give them the challenge and excitement of the chase. There is no dragging out hunting gear, getting Fido off the sofa and into your duck hunting boat or fighting the elements for a shot at a duck. Virtual duck hunting games let you stay dry, warm, and relaxed while you have a great time playing against other hunters online or just for your own enjoyment.

In many duck hunting games, depending upon the duck hunting location you select, the atmosphere crackles with rain and thunder, snow, fog or other weather elements. One of the duck hunting games available has a remote island, where you and three other hunters compete against each other. You have a choice of six realistically detailed, great hunting locations that are all teaming with ducks. The object of the game is to out maneuver the other hunters and seize the prized ducks off their dogs. Your score in many duck hunting games depends up the number of ducks you shoot, how many you actually retrieve, and the length of time it takes you to finish your hunt.

To add to the excitement, the feathers fly when you shoot a duck, they can swim when wounded and dogs will go after the same duck and fight over it. In many duck hunting games, you train your dog essential basic and advanced commands such as remote sit, back, and left and right over. The player also trains their hunting dog to retrieve birds it cannot see, by guiding your dog to those birds. It is your responsibility to train and look after your hunting dog. You must let him rest if he gets tired and without proper training, the hunting dog will not follow your commands.

Some duck hunting games require you to learn duck hunting rules and regulations. You can select from different game levels from beginner to advanced level but all require concentration and quick reflexes. If you have never played any duck hunting games, go online and find one to try. They are a wonderful way to have fun, get your mind off everyday problems, relax, and fight boredom.

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Florida's 2014 Special Early Duck - The Ledger (blog)

Florida's 2014 Special Early Duck
The Ledger (blog)
For whatever reason, I love early duck season. I love blasting wood ducks. I love blasting teal. Sure, it's hot and sweaty, but this first nourishing sip of duck hunting is impossible to pass up. And the best news of all, the US Fish & Wildlife Service ...


A memorable early duck season - Sun Sentinel

A memorable early duck season
Sun Sentinel
Ryan Schroy, 12, holds his first duck, a blue-winged teal that he shot during the early duck season at Lake Okeechobee. Ryan Schroy ... By all accounts, last week's early duck season was a major disappointment for most South Florida waterfowlers. Blue ...


Playoff Hunt/Pac-12 Update: Ducks inch closer to the Top 5 - FishDuck


Playoff Hunt/Pac-12 Update: Ducks inch closer to the Top 5
After a stellar first half of the season, the Bulldogs cruised into week 8 with their feet up on the dash as they enjoyed their bye week. Up next for the Bulldogs is an away game against the Kentucky Wildcats (5-2). No. 2 Florida State Seminoles and No ...

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Bad Weekend For Big-12 - CBS Local

CBS Local

Bad Weekend For Big-12
CBS Local
As the 2014 season continues to play out, the Big-12 is proving to be the second best conference in major college football, but this past weekend may have been a death sentence when it comes to earning a birth in the first-ever College Football Playoff ...

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Clellie Lynch: Quoks, little blue on Jamaica Bay - Berkshire Eagle

Clellie Lynch: Quoks, little blue on Jamaica Bay
Berkshire Eagle
At this time of year, the pond normally would be "duck soup.'' But since salt water flows in ... so pale and powdery blue. The little blue heron, Egretta caerulea, formerly Florida caerulea, is primarily a southern species, living along coastal ...