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Duck Hunting Is All About Good Sportsmanship


Duck hunting is an outdoor sporting activity for both sport and food. Many different types of geese and duck have identical or overlapping hunting seasons, share the same habitats, and people hunt them use the same basic methods. It is very common for men and women duck hunting, to hunt geese or other species of waterfowl at the same time if it is their hunting season. In the United States and most western countries, duck hunting is highly regulated. Not only do they require a duck hunting license but also have strict possession limits and bag limits. Bag limit means the number of ducks they allow a duck hunter to shoot in a day while possession limits refers to the total number of ducks a hunter possesses. The legal duck hunting season varies but is a set season or timeframe, which is usually when the ducks are migrating south. Duck hunting normally goes from fall to early winter. Most states and many Canadian provinces require duck hunters to complete safety courses in hunting before they are able to obtain a duck hunting license.

In the United States, duck hunters must buy a federal duck stamp and in some states, they require a state stamp. To keep duck hunting safe and sportsmanlike, it is against the law for duck hunters to shoot swimming ducks or sitting ducks. It is also illegal when duck hunting to shoot ducks from a moving boat or motor vehicle. They also prohibit guns that are over ten-gauge for duck hunting. In most places, hunters must modify their shotguns to reduce the size of the guns magazine, if the gun holds more than a couple of shells. Although duck hunters can use decoys, it is illegal for them to use live ducks as lures or put out corn or other items as baits. Duck hunting is about good sportsmanship so duck hunters should always try to retrieve any injured or dead ducks they shoot.

Waterfowl and duck hunting in central and the Midwest United States usually take place on rivers, swamps, marshes, and lakes where many geese and ducks land when they are migrating. Another common hunting ground is farmer’s cornfields where, after harvest, there is often some grain left on the ground, which both ducks and geese love to feed on. In some places, farmers actually lease or rent duck hunting rights on their property to hunters. Duck hunting is a great sport or recreation but like any other sport, there are rules and regulations that hunters must follow.

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