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The Wild Boar Hunting Dog of the United States


When you ask a hunter what makes the best breed of dog for wild boar hunting, each one will have a different answer to the best wild boar hunting dogs. Some will say the American Bulldog, others will say the cur or fiest, while others will say the pit bull or pit bull mix. It depends on the type of dog used favorably and what the results were. One thing for sure, they need to be strong with high stamina, in order to catch the wild boar.

Wild boars or wild hogs originated with our settlers, who did not pen the domesticated pigs up, but let them run loose. Due to the high intelligence of these pigs, they did their own thing and began to run wild in intelligent packs. Once out of control, the wild boar hunting dogs were needed to keep them controlled from damaging the environment and hurting small game and pets. A cautious big game animal, the wild hog is a cautious and fierce animal, considering the hunters, their guides, outfitters, and their dogs an enemy as it hides in the dense thickets from danger. The worse time to hunt wild boars with wild boar hunting dogs is after December, which is the month for mating. The litter is born into a depressed area into the ground, which has been dug out by the sow. Lining the den with grass and branches, she becomes extremely violent when defending her young.

As stated, there are several breeds of wild boar hunting dogs, with the cur as one of those top-quality versatile dogs that are so loyal and full of ability that it will do whatever its owner wants it to hunt. Many hunters use the American Bulldog but for those who professionally understand the performance-bred standard American bulldogs, they do not mistaken them for the Johnson lines, where the American Bulldog has been mixed with the English Bulldog and the Mastiff. The Scott lines American Bullodgs or Old English Whites were bred to be big game hunters by the Early American settlers for wild boar hunting dogs and wild bull hunting dogs.

When a person begins to plan on his wild boar hunting dogs trip, make sure the rules and regulations are well planned before leaving. Only 15 states actually have wild boar hunting: Alabama, Arkansas, California, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, And of these areas, the rules and regulations need to be checked out completely to comply with the individual hunting laws, but if an outfitter is hired, part of the trip will be the license fee. Read the fine print all the way to the bottom of the page, making sure nothing is left uncovered.

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