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The Excitement and Challenge of Pig Hunting Dogs


Wild pigs and wild boars are not the same thing at all other than they both are pork, but they involve the excitement of the hunt with pig hunting dogs and a dedicated true-blue pig hunting hunter. All wild boar/feral domestic pig hybrids began in the 1920s when the European wild boar was introduced into California by a Monterey country landowner. When it bred the domesticated pigs that were present in the area, the result was today's wild boar hunting that run wild. Due to the non-domesticated excessive breeding and the over-running of the wild boar population, pig hunting dogs and their hunters were unclassified until the mid-1950s. Then the Fish and Game Commission soon after that, around 1957, established hunting seasons on them, with specific conditions for using pig hunting dogs. In 1992, sections were added to the Fish and Game Code Sections that required hunters to possess tags for hunting pigs.

In California, wild pigs exist in 56 of the state's 58 counties with the majority of them on private lands, with their behavior changing as they are hunted. The more they are hunted; the pig doesn't come out until evening and night time where normally they will forage during the day. If they are not hunted a lot, they will come out during the day more. Things like this are taught at places like Joshua Kauta's pig dog training school, which is possibly one of the oldest and only pig hunting dogs schools available in New Zealand. This place looks for pig hunting dogs that are from assorted breeds—those that contain characteristics of courage, stamina, intelligence, and tenacity.

When young pig hunting dogs are initially trained in pig hunting, they need lots of room and trained pigs to work with. The land for training pig hunting dogs needs to be pig terrain, which is rugged and hilly country. The best pig hunting dogs are the breeds such as bull terriers, which are touch and pugnacious. Another popular breed is the working sheep and cattle dog, crossed with hunting breeds such as a Labrador, who can pick up scent.

Pig hunting dogs also need to begin their training at a very young age, which depends on the type of dog used—as soon as they can maneuver the rugged country they need to begin the training. Two levels of pig hunting dogs are used: the bailing dogs are those that find the big and keep it at bay while barking. Meanwhile, the hunter shoots the pig without injuring the dog. If the trained dogs, instead of barking at the pigs, are the type to grab onto the ears and hold on, then this type of dog is referred to as the holders. Whichever type of dog you own, training the dog is the most important part of pig hunting.

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