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Hunting Dogs for Sale in Georgia


Georgia is known for its hunting, so hunting dogs for sale in Georgia while a person is hunting there is a good idea, and today one search led me to the AKC standard hunting Georgia poodle, with parents having OFOA, Genetic Tested, and bred for intelligence. Also, it was trainable for therapy, obedience, in addition to their natural born skills at hunting. Started pups were available only at the beginning price of $1,500 each, which looks as if the hunting dogs for sale in Georgia may be a tad bit' high. But on the average, the prices ranged from $500 and up. A person could purchase a beginning young pup to train themselves, plus they could purchase a starting puppy or dog with some basic hunting training, purchase a finished hunting dog, or use a stud dog for a female hunting dog the hunter already had.

Anyone can breed a dog and list them as a "highly trained hunting dog"—it is up to the buyer to make sure these claims are true. The hunting dogs for sale in Georgia, if you don't live there, will make a long trip back to return the dog, if you can to get your money back. Most breeders do not refund money, only exchange for another puppy. You may not want another puppy from that breeder if the original purchase was not a good one.

Championship backgrounds beyond the second or third litter usually means the grandfather or great-grandfather, or grandmother or great-grandmother, was shown at agility shows—demonstrating their intelligence and ability to hunt. Word of mouth regarding hunting dogs for sale in Georgia means a lot in Georgia, as everyone seems to know everyone, and occasionally the championship backgrounds simply are to raise the prices—talk to hunting people, highly recommended hunting groups. Make sure this type of background in your prospective puppy refers to the parents of the puppy, and/or the grandparents, which refers to Field Trial championships or participants of the parents.

Environmental issues are another major concern in the puppy or hunting adult dog you are planning on purchasing. With the majority of hunting dogs for sale in Georgia being German Short-Haired, let's look at where they will live. Needing a very large yard and highly athletic family to maintain their health and well being, they are not recommended for apartment or small house living. They will be exposed to excessive elements of the outdoors elements at all time, depending on the type of kennel they live in. Will that kennel be warmed, protected, or insulated while facing away from storms or excess wind? Or will they live inside with the family? If so, it will be of the minority—most people who buy good hunting dogs spend good money for it, but think little of the life of a dog, keeping it cooped up all year and then taking it out for hunting, expecting the dog to be full of stamina and pep. Good hunting dogs are best purchased by good hunters, who care for that dog like their life and best friend

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