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I Ask You—Are There Any Hunting Dogs for Sale?


Hunting dogs for sale is a topic not for just everyone in this world of today—in fact, it can be rather controversial and heated. But one thing for sure is the worst thing a family or individual can do is purchase a hunting dog with a long bloodline and then try to make a household pet out of it, only taking them out once a year. These dogs were bred with a specific purpose, and which is what they do automatically--with pure enjoyment and love of heart.

A good thing to do when searching for good hunting dogs for sale, is to check with the breeders' references and make sure you see the parents from that particular hunting line. Also, look at the parents and possibly see them in action. If you buy a bird dog from championship bird dogs, then have the owner show you what they can do out in the field. Do not just take their word the dog is good, as the dog may not be quite as good as the paperwork says. And occasionally, out of a litter there will be some that do not work or are gun shy. So just because the sign says hunting dogs for sale, does not mean the hunting dogs for sale are good hunting dogs.

Usually when there is an ad in the classifieds, or a sign on a yard post stating "Hunting dogs for sale," prior knowledge of the breed should have already been done by the buyer. I looked up an ad that said, "Cookie is a 5 month old female lemon beagle," which would assume that the customer already knows about beagles or he/she would not be looking at the ad. Or maybe the buyer is thinking about the breed, and really does not know much about it other than hearsay. Additional information, such as "papers included, champion pedigree" refers to the fact the dog has some sort of lineage. Is this lineage a three generation or five generation line? Also, just because great-grandpa clear back on mother's side had a championship, does not mean the puppy has one, unless it is listed as such. But it does mean the puppy may be quick-witted and intelligent, as compared to a line that has no championship qualities.

Research. Research. Research. Know your breed before checking out the hunting dogs for sale ads and flyers in the veterinarian offices. Make sure the good side and bad side of that hunting breed are discussed with other owners of that same breed of hunting dog that is planned on being purchased. All breeds of dogs, including hunting dogs, have good and bad points—it is up to you, the buyer, to know what they are.

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