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Respect for the Sport of Deer Hunting


Deer hunting is a major pastime and hobby in many areas of the country but perhaps none so strongly adoring as the state of Texas. While many hunters are found throughout the south, the majority of deer hunting takes place in Texas, where several types of deer and other game and foul can be found for hunting purposes.

The most common type of deer found in Texas and throughout the southern region of the country is the whitetail, named such because its erect tail is white on the underside. This makes the species easily identifiable, especially in conjunction with their miniscule size compared to most other deer species and their tendency in youth to have spotting on the rear parts of the body. The second most popular target for deer hunting is perhaps the mule deer, a larger species that is also less regulated by hunting laws and restrictions.

Because it is such a common way to spend a few days during open season from late November to mid December, deer hunting is strongly regulated both to preserve the deer population and to assure the safety of hunters. The sport is set up so that no hunter takes advantage of the heavy population in a certain area and wastes the product; deer are to be killed and harvested with reserve, making sure that both hides and meat are used from each deer carcass. While trophy hunting is allowed, it is usually restricted to certain areas, and only one trophy taken per season per hunter under normal circumstances.

For the safety of all who partake of deer hunting, there are rules in regards to daylight and hunting. In Texas, you may not discharge a firearm from thirty minutes after dusk through thirty minutes before dawn. This is a safety precaution for other hunters, whose orange reflective gear will be unable to reflect enough light to be identified and could be hit with friendly fire by mistake. Also, fully automatic weapons are illegal throughout the state.

In deer hunting, you must also learn to respect the prey for which you aim, allowing them certain space. In Texas, there are some public areas where it is illegal to hunt, including federal and state parks and wildlife reserves and refuges. In these areas, the native wildlife is allowed to roam free and reproduce to keep the population in balance.

Deer hunting is a beloved tradition in many families, but it is necessary to obey the laws and to maintain safety while hunting as well as to have a good time. Laws and regulations are in place for the safety of the hunters and the preservation of wildlife for future generations of hunters, so ignoring them is to your own detriment.

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