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What to Know About Whitetail Deer Hunting


You’ve probably heard a lot about whitetail deer hunting and are curious as to what is so popular about it. For the most part, it is simply one of the most common species of deer, especially in the United States, making it a popular target for deer hunters. However, before you can go whitetail deer hunting, you should know a little about them and their habitat so that you can target them correctly.

The first thing you’ll notice when whitetail deer hunting is the reason these deer are referred to by such a name. They have a relatively long, broad tail for deer that is white on the underside (which is usually visible, due to the fact that the tail sticks up in the air). These deer are relatively small and generally have short ears. Females do not have antlers, and the antlers on bucks have all major points coming off the main beam. On average, males weigh between 30 and 70 kilograms when full grown (60-160 pounds), with females being slightly smaller.

It is most important in whitetail deer hunting to know where to find your target. You’ll do best searching hardwood areas in the south, with Texas being one of the major home states of this breed. In southeastern Texas, this is slightly adjusted due to the more mixed vegetation including or almost exclusively pines, in which whitetail can also make their homes. If you trek over to the Chisos Mountains of Texas, you’ll find that, while mule deer inhabit much of the lower foothills and bases of the mountains, whitetail deer hunting is best within the upper mountains themselves. However, in most other places, such as the Guadalupe Mountains, this is completely vice versa, with whitetails preferring the foothills.

You’ll notice in whitetail deer hunting that these animals are dainty eaters and can be quite choosey in their meal tickets. In the Chisos Mountains, you would do best to target them in areas where they can feed extensively on mountain mahogany and low shrubs, while specimens in the Edwards Plateau area are more likely to graze on forbs and grass. You’ll also find that whitetail deer hunting can occur in a very concentrated area, since these deer have a small home range and won’t stray far from it, especially where food is abundant. In fact, some marked whitetails have been noted to spend at least three years inhabiting less 600 acres.

Once you’ve determined what you are looking for and where you are going to be able to find it, you can make a success of your whitetail deer hunting trip with ease. Following these guidelines will make your trip enjoyable and fruitful.

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