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Deer Hunting Supply Suggestions for Newcomers


You are getting ready to join your buddy, who has been begging you for years, on your first hunting trip, and you are entirely clueless as to what deer hunting supply items you will need. In all the movies, you’ve seen men with camouflage and twigs stuck to them, carrying three or four different types of firearms, but for some reason, all that seems unnecessary. What exactly are your deer hunting supply needs?

Of course, you don’t want to be readily noticeable to every creature in the woods, so you’ll need a good set of camouflage. However, you may not want just a standard camouflage. Hunting regulations require that you incorporate the standard hunter orange into your attire so that you can be seen by other hunters and not mistaken for wildlife. That could mean donning a standard vest or coat in the bright red or opting for orange camouflage, which is one of the latest, most popular options to cut down on the amount of clothing and deer hunting supply requirements.

In most states, hunters are allowed to use handguns of any caliber, rifles, and shotguns of a low gauge. While you could load up with lots of weapons and heavy ammunition, chances are you won’t need much. Choose what you shoot best with to carry as deer hunting supply. That could be one or two items – perhaps a rifle with a handgun for a backup, since it’s smaller and lighter. What you will most likely find is that, in an entire day of deer hunting, you may shoot one or two rounds, especially if you are waiting for a large buck to appear and holding off on making the noise. Also, be prepared with earplugs and/or headsets that will protect your ears from the noise of the firearm discharge. Such a loud noise at such close range can be damaging to your ears and even cause permanent hearing loss.

Personal Supplies
Most important to your deer hunting supply list is your personal supplies. Keep in mind that you will be sitting outside from dawn to dusk, probably in cold temperatures because deer season occurs in late fall. You’ll need to take some items for yourself to keep comfortable throughout the day. Consider a blanket and a mug of coffee for warmth, especially in the early morning hours. Also, you’ll want to have some sort of sustenance, so be sure to take a cooler with some quick snacks or sandwiches. However, make sure that the cooler stays closed and sealed as much as possible to prevent your targets from smelling any contents.

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