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Bow Hunting Blinds: Choosing Portable Blinds


The right bow hunting blinds are so important if you really want to bag a turkey! Using nylon bow hunting blinds with things like Velcro window closures is the worst thing you can do when hunting turkey and other game. The nylon material is so noisy, the turkey will be long gone before you get a shot at it with your bow.

Bow hunting blinds should be camouflage to hide the movement you normally make when you draw your bow. If you choose a portable bow hunting blind made of lightweight cloth, your bow hunting blinds can easily and quickly be set up where ever you want them.

Most new hunters move around and make noise and don't even realize they are doing it. This type bow hunting blinds have plenty of openings, hide movements, and allows them to get a feel for how turkeys behave, so they can become acquainted with turkey's natural movements.

Larger bow hunting blinds can be set up in areas that have been proven to be areas where the turkeys strut, feed, and roost. They should be set up a couple of weeks before season and camouflaged with vegetation native to the area. Even if you have to set yours up only a few days in advance, turkeys normally will not notice it, it is good to set it up as soon as you can, but even the day before or early on the day of the hunt will work if that is what you have to do. It is a good idea to set up your turkey blind near large bales of hay, near the center of a field, since turkeys like to be in such areas.

There are patterns available online, if you are willing to spend the time it would take you to build a portable, full coverage blind. It will take some time, but it will be inexpensive and extremely effective. Be sure to use one with at least eight shooting ports. Use a fabric like lightweight cotton, but make sure it makes as little noise as possible when you rub it together or shake it. It is important that your Bow hunting blind be as quiet as possible.

Finally, when you place your blind in just the right place and use some things to enhance comfort like seat cushions, it will be much easier to remain still, so you will not scare the game away from your blind. Many times it takes hours for a turkey to come your way, and you want to be ready when it does!

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Sunday Bow Hunting Bill On Federal Military Installation Passes Nj Assembly ... -

Sunday Bow Hunting Bill On Federal Military Installation Passes Nj Assembly ...
The bill would authorize Sunday bow hunting on federal military installations. ... Ms. Galie emphasized to the committee, “Managed hunting is the only means to effectively control game populations like deer, black bear, and other species in New Jersey ...


Bear hunting season opens Monday - The West Milford Messenger

Bear hunting season opens Monday
The West Milford Messenger
Bow hunters may also harvest a buck during the six-day firearm season with a bow, as long as they have a current bow and firearm license, or all-around license. If hunting with a bow during this season, deer must be reported using the six-day firearm ...

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Kill Your Deer and Eat it, Too - Outside Magazine

Kill Your Deer and Eat it, Too
Outside Magazine
Earlier this year, Caroline Casagrande, a republican in the New Jersey State Legislature, introduced a bill that—if passed—would establish commercial deer hunting licenses in her state. The State Republican Party of Texas called for the repeal of the ...

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Hunterdon hunting enthusiast mentors teen to ensure future of his sport -

Hunterdon hunting enthusiast mentors teen to ensure future of his sport
Although the six-day season for hunting deer with firearms isn't until Dec. 8-13, tomorrow, Saturday, Nov. 22, is Youth Firearm Deer Hunt Day. On that day, kids as young as 10 can take their youth hunting licenses and shotguns and go out after deer, as ...

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New Jersey's weeklong black bear hunt begins Dec. 8 -

New Jersey's weeklong black bear hunt begins Dec. 8
The season runs concurrently with the six-day firearm deer hunting season. ... It is expected that by Monday morning, more than 7,000 bear hunting permits will have been obtained by licensed hunters from New Jersey and other states for this year's hunt.

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