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Bow Arrow Hunting: Past to Present

from: Bow arrow hunting is vastly different from that of the Native Americans of the past. It is a wonderful sport that has enthusiasts from all facets of life, from survivalists to those who embrace technology. No longer are bows made of wood and sinew, and no longer are arrows made of burned and sharpened wood or flint. Technology has made its way into bow arrow hunting, and the advancements are amazing.

From alloy arrow tips to composite bows and crossbows, to complex sights and scopes, bow arrow hunting has evolved in exciting and innovative ways. For example, I doubt even a vision quest could have envisioned the hell razor broad head or similar arrows. Made specifically for the modern super fast speed bows, today's arrows are made of high quality materials to maintain sharpness and remain true in flight. This arrow is formed using a laser weld system called photon blade bonding. It creates an arrow with a ferrule and blade joined in such a way that it is one piece. Sharpened in such a way to have a razor like, flat beveled edge, this arrow is designed to be super sharp and remain that way.
Pin guards are another area in which the tried and true has given way to the marvels of modern technology and scientifically designed advancements. Many hunters use a round peep sight on their bow, and now use a round pin guard as well, making it easier to line up the inside the peep and increasing accuracy.
Though most bow arrow hunting enthusiasts who are not target archers do not use scopes, most of the target archers are also bow arrow hunters and use their target sights and scopes hunting as well. Though if you are not interested in target archery, you might not want to invest in such an expensive high end item, there is definitely a place for them in the sport of bow arrow hunting.
Target Archery Sights and Scopes are another thing bow arrow hunters will find advanced. Most target archers will choose fancier sights and scopes and use them for both purposes, though they are certainly more expensive and unnecessary for bow arrow hunting purposes. Most of the high end sights have second and third axis adjustment capability or gang adjustable pins. Many sights have fiber optics, with the typical red dot target sights, some even have magnification lenses.
Many target archers are also bow arrow hunting enthusiasts. They may choose a fancy hunting sight to use for both purposes. High end hunting sights have come along way. They have 2nd and 3rd axis adjustments, bubble levels, fiber optics and individually adjustable and/or gang adjustable pins. Some even have magnification lens that you can add. Just remember, when it comes to bow arrow hunting scopes, the lens is the most important part, and also the most expensive part. Scopes can be as inexpensive as $50 and as expensive as $250 and up. The quality is reflected in the cost, though, so for the best scopes, remember that technology is expensive!

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Iowa hunter's lifelong devotion to a trophy buck is rewarded -

Iowa hunter's lifelong devotion to a trophy buck is rewarded
Franz was excited and began working the land with passion through the summer, racing the clock toward deer hunting season. Hupke had lovingly cared for it already, pulling truckloads of thistles every year. But with the help of friend Derek Wilkerson ...
Joe Franz Buck: 230-Inch Non-Typical Iowa MonsterNorth American Whitetail Magazine

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Iowa Deer Classic Prepares for Whitetail Weekend
Iowa Deer Classic DES MOINES, Iowa – It'll be a deer hunter's heaven come this weekend in Des Moines at the Iowa Event Center, as the annual Iowa Deer Classic kicks off. The expo is set to bring in around 300 exhibitors – and some of them are from ...

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Dixie Deer Classic | 03.04.15 - News & Observer

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Dixie Deer Classic | 03.04.15
News & Observer
27-March 1 Dixie Deer Classic at the State Fairgrounds in Raleigh. Hunting in heavy rain from a homemade box stand on a half-acre food plot adjacent to a cutover near Madision, the project manager connected on a 130-yard shot using a CVA Optima ...

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Harvest good for CWD sampling - Mason City Globe Gazette

Harvest good for CWD sampling
Mason City Globe Gazette
The goal is to collect 150 samples on private property and 50 in Yellow River State Forest, after three deer—harvested in the area during the 2014 hunting season—tested positive for CWD. In 2013, the first wild deer to test positive was taken in the ...


Backcountry Hunters & Anglers set workshops in Spokane - The Spokesman Review (blog)

The Spokesman Review (blog)

Backcountry Hunters & Anglers set workshops in Spokane
The Spokesman Review (blog)
Speaker: Bart George grew up on a farm in Iowa and moved west as soon as he was out of school and employable as a wildlife biologist. Since then, he has been working on species recovery and research with the Kalispel Tribe in northeast Washington.

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