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Bow Hunting: Tips and Suggestions


One thing to consider, when you begin using bow hunting tips, is how you are going to learn everything you need to know to be successful. Most people learn by passing down the skills from generation to generation, but what if you have no one to depend on to learn those skills? Of course you can research and learn bow hunting theory that way, and if you are a gun hunter, chances are probably already have some good hunting practices developed that will hold you in good stead. For that reason, bow hunting enthusiasts just need to incorporate their solid hunting knowledge with bow hunting tips and knowledge.

Some people believe it is best to buy the heaviest bow that you are strong enough to use, but that is definitely not true. The truth is when using bow hunting tips, most hunters are using a bow that is too heavy or too strong. The only exception would be if all you were going to hunt was Elk, Ox, Bear, or other very large game. Another time when strong bows work best is when you are participating in 3-D tournaments using very fast arrows and a flat trajectory. In such a case, a strong bow is necessary. The rest of the time bow hunters who hunt whitetail, turkey, and even little black bears can use any good compound bow in the fifty pound weight can put an arrow all the way through the target. Women usually choose in the 45 pound range. Of course using bow hunting tips when used with recurve bows will tell you they require a larger weight.

The biggest factor to consider when choosing a bow, is how well the bow fits you. Bows are not one size fits all, and should never be approached in this manner. Are you comfortable when you hold it? Does it feel balanced in your grip? Can you comfortably pull the bow at its draw weight? Many bow hunters get a bow they are not comfortable with, thinking it will "Loosen up" or they will develop stronger muscles with which to pull it. If you have a bow with a too heavy pull weight, it will throw off your shot, and when bow hunting or competition shooting, accuracy is everything. Another great suggestion is not to buy a bow based on brand name alone. Some of the bow hunting tips favorites will just not work well for certain people. Choosing a reputable brand with good construction is important, just be sure to check your options, spend what you can afford and get the bow that is best for you.

The final hint for new bow hunting enthusiasts is to shop at a pro shop that has an archery pro. When you are more experienced, it is easy to choose your own bow, but when you are new to bow hunting, it is well worth the extra $50 or so that you will spend just to have the expertise available to help you choose wisely.

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