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Grizzly Bear Hunting Where Challenges Are Made to Be Overcome


Grizzly bear hunting can be the biggest charge of your life if your make sure you know what you are doing, and pay attention to everything around you. For instance, know your bears. That's usually the biggest mistake made while Grizzly bear hunting is taking a bear that turns out to be smaller than the hunter thought or wanted. It's hard to field-judge the size of bears until you have experience.
If the bear appears to be lanky and has a long nose and ears, and longer legs, it's a smaller specimen, likely less than 125 pounds. The big bears you want to see while Grizzly bear hunting will look blocky with small ears and their legs appear short. Most hunters shoot smaller bears because they shoot the first one they see. Bigger bears usually come in later in the season. After all, that's how they got that big in the first place.
You also want to be timing your Grizzly bear hunting at the right time of the year. Timing means everything for spring bears. You need to be out there hunting right after the bear get active following hibernation, and before they start shedding their winter coats. Usually the peak time is the last week in May and first two weeks of June. Grizzly bear hunting in the spring offers more ways and more diverse types of habitat than any other big game animal.
Know what your bear will eat and where it is likely to be found. If you are Grizzly bear hunting, be aware these bears are typically, but not exclusively active during the dawn, dusk, and nighttime hours.
In spring and early summer, they'll often be found in lower elevations along rivers and streams, catching fish when the spawning runs are in progress. Grizzlies will also hunt for winter-killed animals in these areas as well. In later summer these bears usually head up to higher elevations scrounging for ripe wild berries.
For Fall Grizzly bear hunting, you'll likely find these bears in white bark pine stands eating pine nuts. Or they'll be digging around a tree trying to find a squirrels cache of nuts. Bears also dig for roots in mid-elevation meadows, more so in years when there are fewer pine nuts.
Knowing bear body language will stand you in good stead on your Grizzly bear hunting trip. For instance, and this information will come in handy if you come upon a bear by surprise, a bear standing on its hind feet is usually trying to get a better look and smell by sniffing the air. This is not an aggressive posture. It means the bear is unsure of what's in front of him - but still could drop on all fours and charge.
If the Grizzly is swinging its head from side to side, or turns sideways from you, it expressing a reluctance to charge and is looking for a way out of the situation. Your bear hunting adventure can only be heightened by as much information as possible to make it a trip to remember.

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