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´╗┐Bear Hunting Canada Coast to Coast - Are You Up For It?


Bear hunting Canada from coast to coast is an experience you won't soon forget. You can start in Ontario and work your way to the west coast.

Here are some things you will need to know if you are coming from the US to go bear hunting. Canada requires (no exceptions) that hunters wear blaze orange hunting vests and caps. Helmets and proper insurance are required by law, if you're planning on using ATV's. A previous hunting license from your state is mandatory to get a hunting license in Ontario. There are no hand guns allowed in Canada, and any non-residents have to register their firearms with Canadian Customs at the border crossing. You will need to have your proof of US citizenship and if you're driving, proof of auto insurance. Be aware that some hunting camps will also ask for a Non-Resident Hunting Preservation Fund payment.

If you plan to hunt in Manitoba, check out Riding Mountain National Park. World renowned for bear hunting, Canada offers (in Manitoba) some of the largest Black bears in the world and the highest Black bear density in Canada. Manitoba's Black bears are color phased ranging from jet black to almost white. The multi-colored bears make fine trophy animals as well. If you happen to use a bow to go bear hunting, Canada outfitters welcome both methods of hunting.

Outfitters in several British Columbia hunt camps run their operations to allow the taking of a second trophy bear (for an extra fee). That fee by the way is payable if the animal is wounded but not taken. British Columbia has some mighty nice sized Black bears too, thanks to the plentiful food supply and the heavy timber. Feasting well on the plentiful food supply, most Black bears harvested in British Columbia are in the 6 foot to 7 foot range with skulls from 18 to 21 inches. For outstanding bear hunting, Canada offers some challenging hunts for the experienced or not so experienced hunter.

There are two options available for bear hunting. Canada frequently offers baiting with the hunter waiting for the animal to come to the baits. Most of the outfitters that do offer baited bear hunting provide the bait and ask that the hunters do not bring their own bait or add their own mix to the existing bait. Ground blinds or tree stands are used by hunters waiting on a bait. The other method, and the fairer, more sportsmen like alternative, is spotting and stalking the animals. This method of hunting is more amenable to wide open areas, such as British Columbia. Unfortunately the practice of baiting bears and killing them is highly controversial and many feel very unsportsman like.

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