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What about Alaska Brown Bear Hunting?


Most people just dream about Alaska brown bear hunting. To make your dream a reality, search for Alaska brown bear hunting locations and opportunities on the internet. Alaska brown bear hunting will give you the best hunting stories that will make every hunter envious.

For a unique Alaskan brown bear hunting opportunity, try vessel-based hunts, which are carried out off a floating mobile camp. This camp is a 60' charter yacht. Located in Homer, Alaska, hunters depart from the harbor to cruise the shores Kenai Peninsula. Bears are spotted and then hunted fairly. Alaska brown bear hunting cannot get any better than this, with ample hours of sun each day.

New Alaska brown bear hunting areas can be found almost daily. Alaska is known for its consistently bad weather. So before you book your Alaska brown bear hunting trip, consider arriving in Alaska two or three days in advance and plan a few extra days at the end of your hunt for serious weather delays. This occurs more in the spring, but fall can be as unpredictable as well.

You will have a better chance of having a successful Alaska brown bear hunting trip if you are in great shape. Staking is done on foot, and there is a lot of rough ground to cover. As camping in spike camps is common, bring warm clothing as it gets very cold at night. You do not necessarily need arctic gear, as some outfitters will provide it for you. Check with them before packing any arctic clothing for your Alaska brown bear hunting trip.

There are many methods for hunting Alaska brown bear. If you prefer close range weapons, such as the bow or handgun, choose the methods that suit that type of hunting. The element of danger makes the trip much more exciting. No special equipment or special hunting gear is needed – what you would use on a deer will work on a bear. Wear the proper hunting gear to protect yourself from cross fire, and most importantly, listen to your guide. They will be able to tell you if the bear is protecting cubs or not just by looking at the surroundings. Most shots will be under low light conditions, so sight your weapon accordingly.

Hunting Alaska brown bear can be an exciting and exhilarating experience. As with all hunting experiences, the hunter is completely responsible for the bear and the cleaning up of the kill. Ensure that the meat is wrapped tightly, that the fur is clean and the bones are properly dealt with. Your guide and the outfitters will thank you for your work as they have to report to the rangers if there is ever anything left behind that should not be.

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