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Brown Bear Hunting: Know The Bear


Brown bear hunting is an experience to look forward to. Careful planning, learning about brown bears, and getting the proper gear will make your brown bear hunting experience a true treasure.

Brown bears live mainly in the western part of North America, and into Alaska. They prefer semi-open areas and the mountains. Knowing this, when you go brown bear hunting, make sure you have all the proper equipment for this type of terrain.

Brown bears are generally brown; however they can be other shades as well, from cinnamon in color to even black or blonde. Brown bears are distinguishable by their size and also by their face – which is concaved a little. They have an enormous paw size – at 5.9 inches in size. They are larger than grizzlies.

Before you go brown bear hunting, have the proper paperwork ready, in case you are crossing the borders between Canada and the United States. You will need your passport, hunting license, gun permits, and if you are entering Canada, you will need to register your guns with Canadian Customs. By law, there are no handguns allowed in Canada. It seems like a lot of paperwork just to go brown bear hunting, however if you want to be able to return home with your spoils and charged with poaching or illegal possession of weapons, it is best to have those pieces of paper handy.

Brown bears use their massive paws for digging. However, they are dangerous weapons, too. One heavy blow to a moose head and the hulking animal is dead. You do not want close contact when brown bear hunting as the victim of a blow such as that could be you or your hunting partner.

Despite their size, brown bears can reach up to 35 miles per hour quickly. This speed allows them suddenly to charge their opponent. This will knock you down and give the bear the opportunity to kill you. They are also capable of running at full speed for several miles without resting.

There are roughly 200,000 brown bears in the world, with the majority of them living in Russia. Ninety-five percent of the 32,500 living in the United States are in Alaska. This means, you are probably going to go brown bear hunting in Alaska. They are primarily nocturnal during the summer, which is when they put on their weight. They do not fully hibernate in the winter, and can be woken easily. They prefer to nest in caves and crevices.

There are many subspecies of the brown bear, including the grizzly, which is also called the silvertip bear. Subspecies of the brown bear live all over the world, including Japan, Europe, and Russia.

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